Original pastels of Camiguin

Classic Yema Pastel

The classic flavor that never goes out of style. Enjoy the flavor we are accustomed to Vjandep’s Pastel.

Blueberry Pastel

Indulge in your favorite pastime snacks or meals with our rich blueberry pastel. Delivering a mouthwatering taste.

Cheese Pastel

The delicious bread and cheese duo that takes you on a delicious cheesy journey. Best quality and natural.

Green Apple Pastel

Green apple flavored pastel for keeping your mouth from getting dry. The flavor that gets your mouth watering you’ll just keep wanting more.

Macapuno Pastel

Delicious tropical taste of fresh Macapuno pastel. Turning your snack times into something unforgettably special.

Pineapple Pastel

You may not be sitting on the beach, but with Vjandep’s pineapple pastel and a cold drink, a mini umbrella would be totally appropriate.

Chocolate Pastel

Eliminate the stress and effort of finding a snack to indulge on. The chocolate pastel of Vjandep is made to fuel your appetite.

Durian Pastel

The classic Filipino delicacy from Davao, wrapped inside a bread with a unique taste and provides plenty of nutritional value.

Guava Pastel

Our fresh and naturally healthy Guava pastel gives you the chance to taste a mouthwatering snack that makes you want more.

Langka Pastel

Unique for its flavor, our Langka pastel is made to be rich in energy and minerals. Making it one of the healthy snacks to relish.

Raspberry Pastel

Made fresh and healthy, the Raspberry pastel are perfect for pastime snacks and a good on the go snack for you eat anywhere and anytime.

Mango Pastel

Our sweet and nutritious Mango pastel are made to be scrumptious and ready to be eaten while on the go anywhere.

Ube Pastel

A Filipino original flavor mixed together with your favorite bread and made fresh and delicious as a pastime snack.

Squash Pastel

A seasonal favorite that can now be enjoyed year around. Our Squash pastel are made for you to enjoy its rich and sweet taste.

Strawberry Pastel

Start your morning everyday with our perfect Strawberry pastel treat. With its fresh taste of strawberries, your day could never get boring.

Best Sellers

Celebrate Christmas with our special cakes

Black Forest Cake

Wonderful and rich Black Forest cake enjoyable for all occasion. Covered with deep chocolate making it heaven in every bite

Chocolate Cake

Our classic and for all occasion Chocolate cake draws a number of reviews from even the most seasoned chocoholics. Indulging and unforgettable.

Carrot Cake

Filled with all the delicious flavor covered with frosting. Made to be appealing and for all special occasions, making you want more on every bite.


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