Special Holiday Cakes and Sweets Lauching


Exclusively for the month of December, Vjandep is releasing holiday cakes that will surely add sweetness and flavor to your dinner tables! There are seven delicious, home-recipe cakes to choose from.

jelly1. Jelly Roll Supreme

With chocolate filling cooked in low fire and mixed for three hours, Vjandep’s Jelly Roll Supreme is like no other. The minute you take a bite, you’ll feel its heavenly goodness awake all your senses. There’s nothing quite like it because it’s not your ordinary sweet fare…it’s supreme!

Vjandep Jelly Roll Supreme…Definitely supreme all the way!

english2. English Triple Cake

If you want a taste of heaven, sink your sweet tooth into Vjandep’s English Triple Cake. All the sweet and heavenly goodness of a cake will overtake you the minute you taste one. This flavorful creation is a mix of yema, chiffon, and gelatin. All things sweet and special rolled into one!

The English Triple Cake by Vjandep…Your Taste of Heaven!

refrigirator3. Refrigerator Cake

Vjandep’s Refrigerator Cake redefines the Crema de Fruta we’ve all grown up with. This cake has all the creamy and fruity goodness, plus more palate pleasing surprises. Topped with fruits and gelatin, this is sure to cure your craving for a different kind of sweet.

The Refrigerator Cake by Vjandep…A Delightful Creamy and Fruity Sweet Sensation!

4. Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee. Ah, that sweet custard-based dessert! Vjandep has made one just perfect for you. Its rich custard base alone is enough to make you crave for more. It gets more seductive everytime you take a bite, what with all the secret ingredients flowing directly into your mouth. Vjandep’s Crème Brulee is for the dessert lover who prefers everything smooth and creamy.

Vjandep’s Mouthwatering Crème Brulee…A Rich, Creamy, and Delightful Reward.

moist5. Super Moist Chocolate Cake

Made especially for the chocolate lover, Vjandep’s Super Moist Chocolate Cake tastes as good as it looks. The rich chocolate flavor is exactly what you’d want in a sweet sensation. It’s pure chocolate goodness that has just the right amount of sweetness. One slice of this super moist delight won’t be enough because just one bite will give you ultimate chocolate pleasure. It smells good, too!

The Super Moist Chocolate Cake…The Moist You Can’t Get Enough Of.

maja6. Maja Especial

Rich in flavor, but not heavy on the stomach. That’s what Vjandep’s Maja Especial is all about. Unlike other Maja recipes, Vjandep’s gives you a light feeling because it just has the right blend of corn, milk, and cream. It’s not too sticky, too; so its flavors come out naturally. You can savor all the Maja goodness you want without feeling too full or too guilty. That’s what makes it “especial” – plus, of course, Vjandep’s magical special recipe!

Sweet, light, and deliciously delightful…that’s Vjandep’s Maja Especial for you!

leche7. Special Leche Flan

Leche Flan, a Filipino favorite…a Vjandep special. This leche flan is way above the ordinary! Soft, smooth, and mouthwatering; it’s everything you’d want your dessert to be! This caramel pudding or caramel crème is made of the finest ingredients, flavored with Vjandep’s special twist, and meticulously steamed & cooked with passion. All its flavors come out naturally; every bite is sweet delight!

The Vjandep Special Leche Flan… An All-Time Favorite with a Special Twist!

Select flavors are readily available at the Bulua branch. For orders and inquiries, please contact us at these numbers:
Mobile: 0915 349-3010
Landline: (08822)711603 | 737862 | (088)8505832
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Happy holidays, everyone!