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Ba’ay by VjANDEP: An Ideal Home in the Island of Camiguin

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Advertised as “Your Home in the Island Paradise,” it certainly looks like Ba’ay by VjANDEP is prepared to deliver on such a promise. The place is cozy and has rooms for affluent guests and those who are looking for budget accommodations. An added advantage is the fact that it is situated in an ideal location in the island of Camiguin. Let’s take a closer look at Ba’ay and find out why it is the ideal place to stay when you’re vacationing in the Island Born of Fire.

Amenities and Rates

For many travelers, room rates are among the first considerations when looking for a place to stay while on vacation. And even for those who don’t have a problem with budget, the amenities offered are an important consideration as well.

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In Ba’ay, there are three dormitory-type units perfect for your budget-friendly barkada getaway. One of these units can accommodate up to six individuals and the other two can accommodate a maximum of eight guests. All dormitory-type rooms have their own toilet and bath and are fully air-conditioned. There is also a common living room where you can watch cable TV and perhaps meet new friends. And the rate? PHP 350 per person per night. Not bad, huh?

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Ba’ay also has three bed and breakfast rooms with their own cable TV, minibar, toilet and bath, and refrigerator. One room is ideal for couples, as it accommodates two persons (PHP 2,500 per night). The second room is good for a family on vacation, accommodating up to four guests (PHP 3,000). The third room is perfect for a barkada or family, with a total capacity of six persons (PHP 3,500). All bed and breakfast rooms are also fully air-conditioned.


Nearby Tourist Spots

Situated right at the heart of Mambajao, Ba’ay is the ideal place to start and end your daily Camiguin adventure. Many of the most popular tourist spots in the island can be accessed from this starting point.

If you want to marvel at the beauty of nature while beating the summer heat, then take a refreshing dip in the spring at the foot of Katibawasan Falls, which is just about five kilometers from the town center.

If you want to relax in a spa-like spring environment, immerse yourself in the warm waters of Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort in Barangay Tagdo, Mambajao. Yes, the spring also takes the name of the active volcano, Mt. Hibok-Hibok, and that is because the water is heated by volcanic activity.

If the beach is where you want to spend your day, why not up the ante and frolic in the waters off Camiguin’s White Island? This popular sand bar is just two kilometers off the coast of Barangay Agoho in Mambajao. You can sunbathe, swim, and snorkel in the area.

Ba’ay has the added advantage of being near Camiguin’s airport, so if you’re taking a flight to and from the island, this place is definitely in an ideal location for you. They even have a pasalubong center—GASA—on the ground floor, where you can buy souvenirs for yourself and gifts for loved ones when you return home. Enjoy your Camiguin adventure!