VjANDEP Snacks – Top Choices for Your Kids’ Baon

Kids can be very picky, and it can be quite difficult to decide what to give them for their baon or snacks for school each day. Naturally, you’d want to give them something healthy that they’ll enjoy eating because you’ll just be wasting money if you give your kids healthy treats they won’t eat, anyway.


The good news is that there is a bakeshop right here in Cagayan de Oro that can help solve your baon dilemma. We are talking about the popular pasalubong shop, VjANDEP. They not only sell a variety of pasalubong items you can bring when you travel, but they also have a bakeshop where you can buy various snack items for your kids!


For Sharing

If you have two or more kids, then you may want to save money by buying VjANDEP products they can share for their baon. Here are our top picks for VjANDEP products your kids can share among themselves or you can divide among them:


  1. Pastel

Who hasn’t heard of VjANDEP’s famous pastel? These soft buns with their delicious fillings aren’t just ideal pasalubong, they can also be the ideal baon for your kids. If you have two or three children, you could buy a box containing half a dozen buns and then divide them among your kids. They’ll be sure to enjoy their baon, and your money surely won’t be wasted. Even better news is that they now have several different flavors of pastel you can choose from.


  1. Bread Loaf

Sandwiches are among the kinds of baon that kids love to eat and moms like to prepare because they’re not junk food. But what if you don’t have enough time to make sandwiches for your kids? Well, you could buy one of VjANDEP’s bread loaves and then simply slice them so your kids can share. You can choose from several flavors, including ham and cheese, butter coconut, ube macapuno, and choco mongo.


  1. Crinkles Box

Have your children tried chocolate crinkles yet? We’re sure they’re going to love them! So buy a box from VjANDEP and then divide the crinkles up among your kids. They’d be sure to devour these delicious chocolate treats when snack time comes.


Solo Treats

If you only have one child who’s going to school, then you’d want to choose from among VjANDEP’s baked goodies that can be bought individually. Here are our top choices:


  1. Baked Siopao

This is a truly filling snack that’s sure to tide your child over until it’s time for lunch. There’s a perfect balance of bun and meat filling that is definitely very satisfying. Once you’ve tried VjANDEP’s siopao, it surely won’t be the last time you buy one. If you prefer the steamed version, then rejoice! They have that as well, and it’s just as deliciously satisfying as their baked siopao.


  1. Tuna Bun

What’s better than a delicious chunk of freshly-baked bread? A delicious chunk of freshly-baked bread with an equally delicious tuna filling! If your child loves tuna, then he/she will be sure to love this bun as well. If he/she isn’t that fond of tuna, then one bite of this mouthwatering bun will be sure to turn your child into an instant tuna lover! They say children learn better when their stomach is full, so it’s definitely a good idea to send your child off to school with a filling snack such as VjANDEP’s tuna bun.


  1. Ensaymada

One should never take a classic for granted. And the ensaymada is definitely a classic where breads are concerned. This is one bread no one can seem to resist. The fact that it has remained popular over the years is a testament to how tasty this bread is. And it is made even tastier by the fact that VjANDEP only uses organic flour and high-quality ingredients when they bake their handmade breads. This may be a simple snack, but your child will be sure to love it; one may not even be enough.


It is always a good idea to prepare healthy snacks for your kids to bring as baon to school, rather than simply giving them money to buy food from the school canteen. You never know, they could end up buying and eating nothing but chips and other junk food in school if you just give them money as their baon. With the freshly-baked goodies from VjANDEP (there are plenty of other options at the bakeshop), you can be sure your children are eating well in between classes.