Vjandep Pastels Pasalubong – The Ultimate Pastel Variants That You Need To Try

Love Vjandep Pastel? Well, who doesn’t? Ever since this yummy delicacy was introduced in 1990, it immediately became Northern Mindanao’s signature pasalubong. So if you are visiting your friends or relatives in Manila or anywhere in the Philippines, don’t forget to bring with you a box of Vjandep Pastel. They’ll be delighted to enjoy the delicious and flavorful pastels.

Made from the freshest ingredients, each pastel bun is guaranteed to be soft, fluffy, and interestingly sweet. And guess what! Did you know that there is actually a plethora of filling variants that you can try? From Vjandep’s classic yema filling to the squash-malunggay pastel, here are the top 10 pastel varieties that you definitely need to try:


Pineapple Yema Pastel

From the classic yema filling that we always loved, Vjandep has come up with this amazing variant. In case you don’t know, Northern Mindanao (specifically Bukidnon) is famous for their sweet pineapples, so it only makes sense that Vjandep should also add pineapple tidbits on one of its products.


Ube Yema Pastel

To those who love ube so much, good news for you, guys! Vjandep also has a special ube yema pastel for you. Enjoy the experience of delicious ube filling in your soft and fluffy pastel bun. Yum!


Cheese Yema Pastel

For those who are avid cheese lovers, fret not! They have also prepared something special for you. The cheesiest pastel you can ever find is only from Vjandep!


Mango Yema Pastel

Of course, the Philippines is also famous for having the sweetest mangoes. So, why not also make a pastel with mango yema filling, right? Tropical dessert from a beautiful tropical island—what’s not to like?


Langka Yema Pastel

Want to try a one-of-a-kind pastel? Then go for Vjandep’s langka yema pastel. Langka or jackfruit is one of the tropical fruits that can only be found in Asia. This fruit is abundant in the Philippines and is known for its distinct aroma. It’s juicy, and it’s an ideal filling for our pastel.


Squash-Malunggay Yema Pastel

A variant of our pastel that is perfectly made for health-conscious eaters. The filling of this variant is made from two of the healthiest veggies, which means that you get to enjoy sweet pastels with added nutrients coming from the squash and malunggay. It’s definitely a unique combo for a unique pastel experience.


Chocolate Yema Pastel

Of course, Vjandep also has something for all chocolate lovers out there. Make sure to try their chocolate yema pastel. It can definitely satisfy your burning craving for chocolate!


Durian Yema Pastel

Do you know someone who is always craving durian? Here’s something that you can give him/her. Every durian-flavored pastel from Vjandep is made from fresh durian fruits. It’s basically eating durian fruit in a different form! How awesome is that?


Peanut Butter Pastel

It is no secret that peanut butter is one of the most famous spreads for sandwiches. Imagine its sticky and rich flavor in a pastel. That’s totally delicious, right? It’s the perfect pastel to eat during coffee breaks.

Bavarian Yema Pastel

And last, but definitely not the least, is the Bavarian yema pastel variant. For those who are head over heels with food filled with Bavarian cream, then make sure to add this pastel variant in your list now. This pastel is sweet, flavorful, and everything that you’ve imagined about the Bavarian cream.

Other pastel variants to try: Special Yema Pastel, Blueberry Yema Pastel, Strawberry Yema Pastel, Macapuno Yema Pastel, Mocha Yema Pastel, Raspberry Yema Pastel, Squash Yema Pastel, and Green Apple Yema Pastel. Vjandep also has an Assorted Yema Pastel box where you can try different pastel flavors in one box.

Where to Purchase Vjandep Pastels Pasalubong?

If you are excited to try these amazing pastel variants that we have listed above, then check out the nearest pasalubong centers or major grocery stores in your area. Here in Mindanao, you can purchase your favorite pastel box in these following outlets and stores:


– Savemore – SM City

– Savemore – Agora

– Rustan’s

– Centrio Mall

– Robinsons Supermarket

– Gaisano Mall CDO

– Gaisano Carmen

– Laguindingan Airport Pasalubong Shops

Visit also our CDO branches at:

– Tiano St., CDOC

– Zone 2, Bulua, National Highway

– Agora, CDOC

– Passengers Terminal Complex, Port Area, CDOC


– Gaisano Mall Iligan


– Gaisano Mall Malaybalay


Savemore – SM City Davao

– Gaisano Mall Davao

– SM Supermarket – Lanai Premier

– NCCC Mall

– Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Domestic Pre-Departure Area Pasalubong Shops)


– KCC Mall