Gift the people dear to you with a box of pastel this Christmas!

VjANDEP Pastel – Creative Gift-wrapping Ideas for Your Favorite Treat

There are times when we want so much to give Christmas presents to everyone we love, but we just don’t know what to give each of them. At times like this, often the best thing to do is give away a universal favorite treat.

Gift the people dear to you with a box of pastel this Christmas!

Gift the people dear to you with a box of pastel this Christmas!

So this Christmas, if you’re running out of ideas as regards what gifts to give your loved ones, why not give away a food item you know they’ll love? You could, for example, give them VjANDEP pastel for Christmas. You know this is a favorite treat among Filipinos and they can enjoy it during Noche Buena, on Christmas morning, or even for Media Noche.

Now, how do you package your favorite pastel such that it looks festive enough to give away as Christmas presents? Here are a few suggestions:

Just Wrap It Up!

The simplest way to make your box of pastel more festive is, of course, to wrap it in Christmas wrapping. You may tie a bow around it and then add a greeting card for good measure. All done! But then, if you want to give your gift a more personal touch or be a little more creative, you surely wouldn’t go this route, would you?

Image result for cans gift wrapRecycle Some Cans!

Do you have some coffee cans just lying around, taking up space? Well, then, put them to good use! Make sure they’re clean, and then wrap them in decorative paper. Place your pastel buns in them, tie a bow around the can, and add a card. Voila! You not only have a delicious present for your loved ones, but you also have it creatively wrapped.

Black Boxes and Japanese Paper

A plain black box can be the epitome of elegance. And when you decorate it with Japanese paper as an accent, it can be truly classy. Personalize it by adding a touch of something you know the recipient will love—a stamp or sticker depicting a favorite character, a favorite flower, a favorite symbol—and your gift is sure to be appreciated, no matter how simple it is.

Glass Jarspastel-in-jar

Have you noticed how jars have become all the rage these days? Cakes and drinks are now served in Mason jars of all sizes and colors. Some people have also started placing their collection of shells, buttons, and whatnots into jars of all kinds. Why not take inspiration from these people and package your pastel in jars?

Choose jars with tight lids to make sure the sweet buns are kept fresh. With the buns inside and the lid in place, wrap the jar in an attractive tea towel or napkin, cinch it with a bow in holiday colors, and then decorate with small Christmas ornaments. Ta-dah! Your pretty Christmas present is ready.


Have you ever heard of Japanese cloths that are traditionally used not only to carry bento boxes in, but also to wrap gift items with? These are called Furoshiki, and they are also used as book bags and to wrap picnic supplies in.

Now, you don’t have to go hunting for these Japanese cloths just to have creatively-wrapped pastel for your loved ones this Christmas. You can use a simple dishtowel, wrapping it around your box of pastel Furoshiki-style. The good news is that there are a lot of instructions and guides on how to use Furoshiki on the Internet. You may even jazz up the gift further by accenting it with such things as wooden spoons, twigs, or leaves, plus a hand-made greeting card crafted out of recycled paper.

Brown Paper Bags


Brown paper bags are boring, right? Well, not necessarily. In fact, they can be the perfect packaging for your Christmas present! If you know what to do with it, of course.

Arrange your pastel inside the paper bag, fold the top edge of the paper bag two or three times to seal the opening, and then punch two holes through the folded portion. Get a piece of thin brown rope, insert the edges into the holes, and tie it into a bow.

You may adorn this simple package with small Christmas decorations like poinsettias, tiny Christmas balls, or autumn leaves. It also looks best with a simple, handmade greeting card tied with the same brown rope that forms the bow.

Your Christmas present may be simple, but it doesn’t have to look like it wasn’t carefully thought of and lovingly prepared. You may not have been the one who baked the pastel, but your effort in presenting it creatively will surely be appreciated. Happy holidays!