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Trick-or-Treating Ideas and Helpful Suggestions for Your 2016 Halloween Gathering

Filipinos grab any excuse to take a break and have fun.

Well, here’s good news for you: The government has long declared October 31st and November 1st as Special Non-working Holidays! Yes, indeed, we have a long weekend to look forward to by the end of this month. Time to start packing for that quick weekend getaway!

Wherever you’re off to on Halloween weekend, if you have family and friends in that area, one thing you definitely shouldn’t forget is pasalubong. And because it’s Halloween, you might as well bring treats your friends can add to their children’s trick-or-treat goodie bags or share among themselves on your Halloween get-together.

Offer Uncommon Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treaters

Trick-or-treating has become quite a popular activity among Filipino kids in recent years. And although it mostly happens in malls and large department stores, there are already a few subdivisions and villages where children go trick-or-treating within the neighborhood.

If the family and friends you plan to visit live in such neighborhoods, you might want to help them out by including Halloween sweets in your pasalubong that they can give to trick-or-treating kids. Not sure what treats to buy? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Peanut KissesPeanut kisses

    Kids will be sure to love the nutty taste of this sweet treat; it can be the perfect break from all the chocolate they’re likely to get. And while it isn’t really a Northern Mindanao delicacy (it comes from Bohol), you can easily find packs of it in your favorite pasalubong center in Cagayan de Oro or Camiguin—VjANDEP.

  2. Chocolate Crinklescrinkles

    Children love chocolates, so you certainly can’t do without them. But instead of chocolate candy, you and your friends could give away chocolate-flavored pastries. It’s still chocolate, but it’s healthier and a lot more filling.

  3. Cheese SticksCheese Sticks

    This may not be chocolate, but it’s just as sweet. And because it’s a pastry, it is also more filling than candy. Trick-or-treating children will be sure to appreciate this treat when they start feeling hungry after all that walking around.

These trick-or-treating ideas should help ensure that you and your friends won’t have to deal with some disappointed and angry youngsters at your doorstep on Halloween.

Have a Blast with Halloween Sweets from Northern Mindanao

What if you just want to bring pasalubong that you can enjoy with family and friends at an intimate Halloween gathering? What if trick-or-treating isn’t really a thing where you’re going? What sweet treats should you bring then?

Here are our suggestions:

  1. VjANDEP PastelYema pastel

    Since we’re talking about pasalubong, you can expect these soft buns to be included in our list. They’re just fun to share with your loved ones no matter what the occasion is. They’re even fun to share on ordinary days! And we’re pretty sure that if you bring lots of pasalubong and this isn’t one of them, your family and friends will ask you why there’s no pastel. So it’s definitely a good idea to put it on top of your list.

  2. Toasted Biscuittoasted biscuits

    You don’t have to go anywhere else for your pasalubong shopping spree; VjANDEP has so much more than pastel to offer. One of the treats you may want to consider for your Halloween gathering with family and friends is their toasted biscuit. Yes, it’s a pretty simple and unassuming pastry, but that’s the beauty of it! You can make some colored frosting and paint monster faces on the biscuits for a truly Halloween appeal. Their circular shape makes them very easy to draw designs on.

  3. Stick Breadstick bread

    This is another simple (almost boring, in fact) pastry you are likely to find at VjANDEP. Why do we recommend it? What could you possibly do with it to make it an ideal treat for a Halloween gathering?

    Prepare some red cake decorating gel (you can make your own or buy tubes of it from cake decorating shops). Cut each bread stick in half. Decorate the tip with the gel to form a fingernail, and then cover the part where you cut the bread in red gel as well. You now have bloody fingers to serve with your cocktails!

These are just some of the treats you can bring with you on your Halloween getaway and ideas on how to enjoy them with your family and friends. But you know what’s even more important than remembering to bring pasalubong on your vacation?

What’s important is for you to go out there, relax, unwind, and have fun!