Vjandep Instagram Contest August

#SweetLifeWithVJANDEPPastel Instagram Contests

Starting August 2015 until the end of the year, VjANDEP will be hosting a series of monthly contests on Instagram! Followers of VjANDEP’s IG account are welcome to join. This is still in celebration of the bakeshop’s 25th Anniversary this year.

There will be a theme for each month which will be announced on Instagram. Entries must follow the theme and hashtag for the month. Each of the winners will receive one Gift Card, which is equivalent to 1 FREE BOX OF PASTEL (1 dozen). The full mechanics and criteria are indicated below. Also check this post each month for updates!

UPDATE: Gift Cards and prizes may only be claimed at Vjandep branches in Cagayan de Oro City.

Monthly Contests

  • August – Philippine Fiestas, in honor of Cagayan de Oro’s Higalaay Festival, #VjANDEPatHigalaayFestival
  • September – Soft Opening of “Samuel”
  • 2nd contest for September – Guess what “Samuel” is all about
  • October – Lanzones Festival
  • November – Dress Up The Pastel
  • December – Share Vjandep Pastel this Christmas


  1. Upload a photo on Instagram following the theme of the month.
  2. Include the hashtag of the month and #SweetLifeWithVjANDEPpastel in the caption for easy tracking.
  3. Follow us @vjandep_pastel on Instagram.
  4. Tag us on Instagram.

It’s as simple as that!

3 winners will be chosen per week (unless otherwise specified). Multiple entries are allowed, but you may only win once per month.

Criteria for Judging

  1. Creativity
  2. Relevance to the theme
  3. Overall photo quality

All non-winning entries will still be considered for judging in the following weeks (but only for the same month). So, feel free to upload as many entries as you like. The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winning!

How to Claim Your Prize

Winning entries will be posted on VjANDEP’s Instagram account on Saturdays. Winners will also receive a DM with further details on how they can claim their free box of pastel.

Gift Cards may be claimed at:

  • VjANDEP Commissary along Bulua Highway

Pastel boxes may only be redeemed at;

  • VjANDEP Tiano
  • VjANDEP Commissary along Bulua Highway
  • VjANDEP Market City Agora Branch

*VjANDEP Gift Cards have no expiration dates.
*Winners must follow the instructions on the gift cards: text the indicated number to register and wait for confirmation to claim their pastel.