Shop for VjANDEP Pastel and Other Pasalubong Items Conveniently at ShopLocal

In a place like Cagayan de Oro, food is never a problem.

From full meals to snacks to pasalubong items, you’ll be sure to find delicious treats all over the city. But what if you want to savor some of these goodies but don’t have the time or inclination to go to the physical stores that sell them? Is there a more convenient way to grab hold of them?

Yes, there is!

The Online Solution

It seems like everything can be found online these days, right? Well, the solution to your dilemma may just be found online as well. Visit, and you’ll likely find most, if not all, of the delicious food items you want to buy in and around CDO.

Planning a trip and want to buy some pasalubong for family and friends? This online shop has such favorites as VjANDEP Pastel, Cheese Sticks, Peanut Kisses, and other products that you’ll likely find at the VjANDEP pasalubong center. Now you won’t have to brave traffic to enjoy their tasty treats!

Vjandep pasalubongShopLocal also has other pasalubong items like tarts, chicharon, toasted peanuts, pastillas de leche, and muron. And if you simply want to grab food items to munch on while traveling or perhaps while having a movie marathon at home with the barkada, you may avail of such things as assorted candied fruits, yema de leche, dark chocolates, and sylvannas.

And that’s not all they have to offer! You can also shop for biscotti to snack on, peanut butter to go with your favorite bread, unique coffee blends to get your day off to a great start, sukang pinachada (perhaps to give your favorite chicharon and extra kick?), coco-honey (a super healthy treat), beef jerky, pork jerky, and coconut dip.

When you visit ShopLocal, it’s really like shopping at a local grocer’s or pasalubong shop, the difference being that you haven’t left the comfort of your home at all and are simply tapping away on your computer. And after making a purchase, you just have to wait for their delivery partner, LBC, to bring the goods to your doorstep.

The products mentioned here are just a few of what you’ll find on the site. Why, they even have ref magnets and a few natural supplements for sale!

Indeed, it has become so much easier for us to shop for a wide variety of items—even food! Now shopping doesn’t have to be a tiring experience anymore. With online shops like ShopLocal, we can patronize local goods and products without ever stepping out of our front doors.