Higalaay Festival – Celebrating with VjANDEP

Higala – a Cebuano word that means “friend.”

higalaay parade

It is only fitting that the fiesta celebration of a place known as the City of Golden Friendship is called Higalaay Festival. This annual festival is composed of a wide array of activities held at various locations all over the city, and the activities are meant not only to celebrate the feast of Saint Augustine—the city’s patron—but also to celebrate friendship, talent, and the bounty of the area.

A Month-Long Affair

Kagay-anons aren’t the kind of people who are content with a token celebration done in a single day. We love to party and have fun with family, friends, and guests from other parts of the country and/or the world. This is why, despite the fact that the city fiesta is officially on the 28th of August, the Higalaay Festival is celebrated throughout the entire month, with exciting activities scheduled each week.

During the Higalaay Festival, there are one-day activities as well as activities that span several days. There are also week-long and even month-long events that form part of the grand celebration. The events are so diverse—concerts, culinary shows, agri-fairs, fashion events, sporting activities, etc.—that regardless of what kinds of activities you enjoy, you’ll be sure to find at least one event you’ll love to be part of, even just as a spectator.

If you’ve been too busy to join any of the fiesta activities and events, don’t worry, because it isn’t too late to do so. You can still catch up and have fun with your fellow Kagay-anons and their guests. For Higalaay 2016, these are the events and activities lined up:

August 1 to 31

–      Higalaay Garden Show at Duaw Kagay-an Park

–      Higalaay Agri Fair at Gaston Park

August 4 to 6     

–      Mindanao Fashion Summit at Rotunda, Limketkai Center

August 13           

–      Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Coronation Night at the Atrium, Limketkai Center

August 17 to 19

–      Kumbira at the Atrium, Limketkai Center

August 19 to 28

–      Kahimunan Regional Trade Fair at Entrance 3, SM City

August 20           

–      Kagay-an Festival Marathon at Centrio Mall (Start and Finish)

–      Cagayan de Oro Carnival Parade from Luna-Velez to Divisoria

August 20 to 21

–      Cowboy Festival – The Annual CDO Horse Show at P.N. Roa Property, Upper Carmen

August 23 to 29

–      Higalaay City-wide Sale at All Malls in the city

August 27           

–      Higalas Parade of Floats and Icons from Rodelsa Circle to Limketkai Center

–       Bisperas Fireworks Display at Duaw Kagay-an Park

August 28           

–      Religious Procession from Fernandez Street to St. Augustine Cathedral

–      Kagay-an Pyro Musical Festival at SM City Grounds

–      Fluvial Procession from Macajalar Bay to Duaw Kagay-an Park

So, you see, there are still plenty of events and activities you can take part in. Take a little break from work and enjoy yourself at any of the above-mentioned festivities. And if you’re not from Cagayan de Oro, it isn’t too late to come for a quick visit. Enjoy good food at the Agri Fair and Kahimunan Trade Fair, shop at any of our malls, marvel at the colorful parades, and bear witness to amazing fireworks displays. Oh, and don’t forget to relive your best childhood memories and scream your lungs out at the fiesta carnival rides located at the Limketkai grounds.

All-Time Favorites at the Festival

Through the years, there have been local businesses that have always been part of the festivities during the Higalaay Festival. Whether as a sponsor, as a participant in competitions, or simply a business that offers their products on display during the various festival events, these companies have always been supportive of the Higalaay Festival.

One of these businesses that have always celebrated with Cagayan de Oro, although they trace their origins back to Camiguin, is VjANDEP, home to the country’s favorite pastel. When you visit any of the food festivals that form part of the CDO fiesta celebration, you are bound to find a display of VjANDEP’s goodies; naturally, their famous pastel will always be on prominent display.

vjandep cdo

Even if you don’t find VjANDEP’s pastel and other delicious treats at any of the events and activities during the Higalaay Festival, it’s easy enough to buy your favorite VjANDEP products. Just visit their store at the Market City (Agora Bus Terminal), in Tiano Street, or along Bulua Highway. Surely, no visit to Cagayan de Oro will ever be complete without enjoying VjANDEP’s baked treats. Happy fiesta! Have fun!